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Build – Operate – Transfer


For larger companies with the ultimate goal of having complete ownership of their offshore operation, yet wish to minimise the costs and risks associated in setting up a captive operation, then the Build – Operate – Transfer model is a strong option. RemoteResources will set up a dedicated offshore team and office, much like the hybrid captive model, however it will be strategically set up with an ability to transfer its ownership and full operational capabilities to the client at a pre-determined time or stage in the operation. Whilst leveraging from the existing capabilities and resources we have built up over the years, this is by far the best way to ensure a fast and efficient time-to-market.



During the Build and Operate phase, the staff are initially employed, supported and supervised by RemoteResources, ensuring all systems and processes are optimised. However, their employment along with all the associated assets will transition over to the client’s entity once incorporated. Post transfer, RemoteResources will be available to continue with all support services and assistance on an as-required basis, ensuring clients will always have a strong local partner supporting their offshore operation.


A Build – Operate – Transfer engagement model also gives access to a vast network of available, qualified, specialised, and experienced staff around the world that would not normally be available locally. Considerable cost savings will be achieved by businesses when compared to hiring in their local labour market. A Build – Operate – Transfer model is ideal for those companies who have the need for ownership of their offshore operation. RemoteResources will be a collaborative partner during the whole process and beyond. The diagram below illustrates the structure and services we will provide during each phase:


Offshoring through a Build-Operate-Transfer arrangement

RemoteResources Services

Operations Management
The Operations Management Group assists your employees to achieve operational excellence on an exceeding-expectation basis through analysis, engineering, implementation and optimisation of workflow processes. The Operations Management Group will assist you to identify KPIs and metrics whilst driving the overall performance of your offshore team. They also maintain compliance, certification and implementation of best practice.
Our Talent Acquisition team seek out, then attract, screen and hire the very best offshore employees for RemoteResources clients. They are constantly developing their vast talent-team of candidates with the qualifications, experience and ambition essential to be a part of our outstanding team.
Our Training division aims to enable our client offshore employees to reach their full potential. They empower employees with ESL, soft skills, technical and industry specific training. We are also able to facilitate your own training regime. Through the fostering of our team, our strong professional development environment enables us to provide experienced, ambitious and outstanding offshore staff members – all of whom can expect long term personal growth and professional development.
Human Resources Management
Our Human Resources Department takes care of a host of services for the company, such as: remuneration and benefits, company compliance and client specific policies, labour relations, HRMS administration, and human capital strategy. As our greatest asset, we strive to develop our employees and our Human Resources Department ensure all training, support and processes are available to achieve this end.
Finance and Accounting
The Finance Department team will ensure that employee benefits are paid correctly and on time. They also take care of all billings and receipting of funds from clients with accomplished efficiency. Precise internal controls by the Finance Department achieve excellence and mitigation of financial risks.
IT Consultancy
Our IT Support team will assist clients to identify, deploy and manage the very best IT solutions for their offshore team needs. This will include liaising with clients to ensure any special or unique matters are addresses and provided the best solutions. The team is then available to assist with technical support issues, should they arise.
Technical Support
Our Technical Support Department operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year. Our technical support resources include level 1 and 2 technical support engineers, system administrators, and networking specialists.
Premises Management
Our Premises Management function is in charge of locating, engaging, acquiring and managing all premises for RemoteResources and its client's operations. All of our facilities are guarded 24/7 by security guards and we secure our premises using CCTV cameras and network-controlled access devices. We also have a team of janitors and maintenance staff to ensure all our offices are clean and the working environment is of high standard.
Client Assist Services
We recognise the need for highest-quality client service – it is vital for our business and a cornerstone to client satisfaction. To do so, we will provide prompt responses to all client enquiries and communications on a best-effort basis, usually same-day. Furthermore, for visiting clients and prospective clients, we provide an array of concierge services including flight, hotel and tour bookings. Whilst also providing transportation, local guides, golf-outings, and dinner reservations.

Your Company

Operations Management

Operations Management

Your Offshore Staff

RemoteResources Assets

Corporate Entity
RemoteResources has a corporate entity structure that ensures efficient, economical and effective operations for our clients and their offshore employee needs. Client offshore employees are legally employed by us and work in our state-of-the-art offices.
Office Space
Our state-of-the-art offices allow client offshore employees to achieve the best results and work output possible. If necessary, due to client needs, we will arrange for dedicated offices, in a separate location if necessary, to be fitted out exactly to the client specification. Our primary office building is located in one of Vietnam’s new office and residential areas, with an open and peaceful environment.
Office Furniture
We have standardised workstations organised in efficient clusters, allowing for an efficient and pleasant working environment. The furniture is purposely and exclusively manufactured for us and so employees are assured of a quality working area.
Remote Live
Our 'Remote Live Online Management Dashboard and Platform' has been developed in-house with all of the latest communication, collaboration and management technologies integrated within, allowing you to seamlessly connect and interact with your offshore staff. It also allows you to have strong operational control of your offshore staff and operations. Your dashboard is able to be fully customised as per your business requirements, allowing Remote Live to become a powerful tool to streamline your business and workflow processes.
Workstation Hardware
We will provide your offshore staff with all the workstation hardware needed. We are able to fully customise the specifications including multiple monitors, larger LCD screens, upgraded RAM / hard disk space and all other required peripherals or tools. Our standard workstation hardware is PC - however, depending on client requirements, we are also able to provide Mac, Linux or client thin stations.
Workstation Software
The standard package is a Windows 7 environment. Depending on client needs and specifications, we will organise alternative or additional operating systems. Task-specific software can also be coordinated, per client needs.
Networking and Connectivity
We provide high speed redundant internet connectivity to all employees. The system includes comprehensive Internet security measures to ensure data and network protection. We strive to maintain the latest network capabilities.
Servers and Workflow Systems
We provide multiple servers as the backbone to client IT needs. They offer multiple redundancies and are updated as technologies advance. This ensures connectivity remains continuous and so workflow is not interrupted.
Peripherals and Tools
Whatever our client needs, we can coordinate, source and execute the necessary peripherals for their offshore operation. This includes, of course, the typical tools such as printers, scanners, VOIP cameras, headsets, and the like. More complex needs pose no additional problems to solve.

Your Support Services

Your Vietnamese-based Organization and Support Departments

Operations Management

Your Offshore Staff

Your Offshore Assets

Assets owned by your Vietnamese Corporate Entity

Post-transition Assets & Services

Clients can opt to still utilise Remote Resources Assets & Services post transition.



Perfect for emerging companies


Due to its pre-determined intent to become a wholly owned and operated entity, the Build – Operate – Transfer model is intended for emerging companies and corporations. It is an effective method to establish an offshore operation without the usual scale of risks and undertakings such as due diligence, acquisition and the high associated costs.


Your business costs are dramatically reduced, risks are lower and your access to qualified and experienced staff remains an on-going value. We will do what we do best and put all in place your staff, management, premises, equipment, tools, systems, and processes. This allows you to concentrate on what you do best – your core business and the maximizing your operating profits.



Operational Control


During the Build and Operate phase, our Operations Management Group will assist you in having complete operational control of the offshore operation. With all of the performance metrics, KPI’s, reporting requirements, scheduling, and the like set up and driven with the assistance of RemoteResources, optimisation on every aspect is assured. Our goal is to ensure all systems and processes are performing to the highest level before we handover the ownership during the Transfer phase.


Due to the intent to transfer the operation, our recommendation is for you to embed your own training and management resources as soon after initial setup as possible, or even as early as interview and hiring stage. This will help to ensure a seamless transition to the new corporation during and after the Transfer stage.


Post transfer, we will be available for whatever tasks and functions you wish. It may be logical that we continue to offer all support services, ensuring you will always have a strong partner supporting your offshore entity.

 A Build – Operate – Transfer arrangement with RemoteResources will have the following value propositions:



  • Risk mitigation:
    Business risks are significantly reduced with an offshore operation under our offshore Build – Operate – Transfer model when compared with opening your own captive offshore operation. Major set-up investments as well as long-term commitments are considerably lower. In addition, you will be utilising the experience and expertise of a local Vietnamese offshore-specialist firm to carry out the majority of the time consuming and normally expensive elements of the operation.


  • An organised and controlled transition:
    The transition from the Operate to the Transfer phase can be accomplished over the course of many months. During this time, your management team can gradually take over control of the operation from RemoteResources. This controlled transition will be much more simple and phased when compared to direct incorporation.


  • Experienced local expertise:
    RemoteResources and our team have been operating in Vietnam for a considerable amount of time. We know how to operate here. During the Build and Operate phase of our BOT arrangement, you will gain much information and understanding from us and then use that knowledge to perform an efficient and effective transfer.


  • Post-transfer assistance and services:
    Per your needs and requirements, RemoteResources can provide you with assistance and services even after the transfer of all operations to your own company.




Our Build-Operate-Transfer services fit somewhat outside of our usual pricing model, due to its complexity. Some of the expenses are customized per the scope of works with our client. However we will use the pricing model of our hybrid captive as a basis and incorporate the additional supplementary expenses. A supplementary cost example is the costs expended in the process of incorporating a local Vietnamese company for the business.


The majority of costs will be expressed as a fixed fee per employee per month computed using that employee’s direct salary costs and a services fee that covers the costs of infrastructure, tools, support, and management. These costs are billed through a monthly cycle for the duration of the engagement, through to the Transfer stage.


During the Transfer phase, we will be transferring talent and assets to your own local corporate entity. The mechanism of this transfer will have been set and agreed in the Services Agreement we signed at the commencement of the engagement.


Our aim is to simplify the price and billing process – and especially to have all expenses identified and agreed at the outset, so no surprises for you. Naturally, any necessary amendments will have an impact on both the Services Agreement and expenses.




Below are some of the items covered within the pricing of a Build – Operate – Transfer model:



Direct Employee Costs:


The Direct Employee Costs are determined by the client and are openly shared for ensuring transparency. The total figure can be broken down per employee into Base Salary, Insurances and Benefits.



Infrastructure Costs:


The Infrastructure Costs are the costs associated with providing clients the assets, infrastructure and equipment needed for their offshore office. These costs generally consist of: Office Space; Furniture; Hardware; Software; Connectivity; Peripherals & Tools.




Our Post-Transition services will be at your disposal:



Service Fees:


The Service Fee is what makes up the services and support that RemoteResources can provide to clients on an on-going basis. These fees are made up of: Operations Management; Recruitment; Human Resources Management; IT Consultancy; Technical Support; Finance & Accounting; and Legal.




* The total monthly cost is the combination of the above. This is generally around a 80% saving when compared to the client’s local equivalent in their home country.

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