3D Modelling

As a 3 dimensional graphic, 3D modeling is the process of developing a model in 3D using specialised software. The three dimensional models are created using popular methods:


Polygonal modeling
Polygonal modeling is a method of creating a 3D model by connecting line segments through points in a 3D space. These points in space are also known as vertices. Polygonal models are very flexible and can be rendered by a computer very quickly. 


Primitive modeling
This is the simplest way of modeling three dimensional objects. Using geometric primitives such as cylinders, cones, cubes and balls, complex models are created. This approach ensures easy construction as the forms are mathematically defined and precise. Primitive modeling is mainly used in developing 3D models of technical applications.


NURBS modeling
The NURBS (Non-uniform rational B-spline) modeling method can be found in popular software like Maya. The developer can create smooth-surfaced 3D models using this modeling technique. Unlike polygonal modeling techniques which can only approximate curved surfaces using numerous polygons, NURBs modeling can truly create smooth curved surfaces.


Splines and patches modeling
These methods are similar to the NURBS modeling procedure. They depend on curved lines to identify the visible surface.



3D is increasing in importance for a growing range of uses and applications. Video gaming is one. At the other end of the use-spectrum, medical uses for 3D modeling are greatly assisting medicine with detailed models of organs being created with precise realism. The engineering community also utilizes 3D computer aided design (“CAD”) programs to create a host of devices, vehicles and structures.


The need for 3D Modelers is increasing at a rapid pace. However many countries cannot keep up with the demand for modelers. This drives the costs for experienced 3D modelers up. For these reasons, many companies requiring 3D modelers are utilising offshore staff for their needs.


RemoteResources is able to assist you with all of your needs for 3D modelers. We have a healthy supply of modelers on our books, all of whom are qualified and experienced.




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The Remote Staffing engagement model is a great option to enjoy Offshore Staffing for the small to medium employers – the likes of Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and Small & Medium Enterprises (SME’s).They may have a smaller appetite for the higher set-up costs associated with other engagement models. As Remote Staffing has little or no set-up costs, it is a popular engagement model. These styles of businesses may start with only one staff member – and then grow to a bigger team as they find their business increases, especially after experiencing the benefits that Offshore Staffing provides.






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Businesses that require perhaps a higher number of staff, increased operational control, or have a need for dedicated / separate office space, yet want to retain the characteristics of Offshore Staff, then a Hybrid Captive may suit. It is designed with all the benefits that Staff Leasing and Offshoring provide. The business will enjoy its’ own fully operational and customised office, whilst also incorporating the benefits of Remote Staffing, such as Offshore Staff, operations management and all other support services.







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If a business need is to fully own and control their own offshore operation, then a Build – Operate – Transfer engagement offers a logical and cost effective option. This model has the ultimate result of a business owning their own offshore entity, but without the set-up pressures, expenses and risks that would normally face a firm. There are three distinct phases to this engagement model. The first two are driven by the offshore provider setting up an offshore team for the client company, not unlike a Hybrid Captive.  However at an agreed time, all ownership aspects of the operation are fully transferred over to the client, which will then own and operate their offshore office.

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