Company Culture

  • Overview
  • Overview


    Our culture is born out of a collective sum of our organisational values, our vision, our working communication, our systems and most importantly our beliefs and ways in which we conduct ourselves.


    Much of our company culture has been embedded into the core of our Vision Statement.


    “Our vision is to assist all of our clients to realise the full potential of Offshore Staffing. We will drive a new phase of development, growth and productivity for our client’s businesses. This will enable them to have a competitive advantage in a modern market. We will transform our employees by inspiring them to engage their skilled profession in an international landscape, so as to nurture and ensure their growth and achieve their full potential.”


    Some pertinent terms and phrases from this vision can be highlighted to begin an understanding of our culture:


    Vision – assist - realise full potential – drive – growth and productivity – competitive advantage – transform – nurture – growth – achieve full potential.


    All of these words and terms sum up the culture that we have developed and will continue to nurture. As a company, we are made up of individuals who collectively achieve strong success for our clients. We:


    • Innovate
    • Have stability
    • Respect others
    • Adopt an outcome orientation
    • Have attention to detail
    • Be team oriented
    • Have a positive yet uncompromising approach to work
    • Have a respect for our client beliefs, values and cultural diversities.
  • Career Opportunities
  • Career Opportunities


    We always strive to attract the best employees and then retain these same people. In doing so, we do all we can to allow each and every member of our team to achieve their best and develop to their fullest potential.


    Having this as a core value creates a true tri-partied relationship of success between our client, our employees  and our company.


    We firmly believe that people are our most important asset. People are both our client as well as our employee team. A stated goal is to assist our client to achieve the full potential of offshore staffing and so we must do all in our power to fulfil our client needs with the very best qualified and experienced staff.


    As such, we offer a wide range of jobs in a wide range of industries and opportunities. Our employees will be given every opportunity to then further develop in their profession.


    Opportunities come and go in almost everyone's professional life. What's important is that people identify a potential opportunity when it comes their way. A career opportunity can be defined as a circumstance of combination of circumstances which can bring great career advantages – and opportunities come in all shapes and sizes.


    We bring career opportunities to all of our team – and foster a can-do attitude in all. This professional attitude is often taken away from work as well, allowing members of our team to see additional benefits in their personal and family lives.

  • Employment Benefits
  • Office Environment


    RemoteResources creates an ideal working environment. Our facilities have the latest tools and equipment to promote productivity. Our corporate culture is created to foster a strong work ethic, intercultural respect, and high spirit among our employees.


    We do all we can to maintain a reputation of being an employer-of-choice. So a healthy and productive office environment is an especially important benefit to have for our team.



    Annual Staff Trip


    All staff working within RemoteResources enjoy an annual staff trip. It is important that our loyal and hardworking team are rewarded over and above their monthly salary. RemoteResources fully sponsors the annual staff trip and our clients are certainly encouraged to join us!





    Unlike third party outsourcing companies, we do not profit from providing minimal or even average benefits  to staff, whilst charging excessive fees to clients. Our business model is geared for all parties involved to win!


    We strive to ensure our salary packages are competitive with the local market. By keeping up to date with the current salary ranges of each industry, we advise potential clients of salaries that are both competitive and fair to all parties. Each year, we encourage clients to review their staff salaries and benefits to ensure that they remain competitive with the outside market. Salaries are based on the employees’ skills, technology expertise and experience. We view salaries as an opportunity for employees to share directly in the success of the client’s company.





    After passing the probation period, all employees enjoy annual paid leave. In addition new parents receive an additional leave benefit.



    Employee of Choice


    It is our goal to maintain our reputation as an employer of choice. By so doing, our company strength grows by the sum of the successes of our staff members. Everyone wins in this situation. Success builds success.

  • Professional Development
  • English Training


    Because the staff work directly with international clients, we encourage our employees to constantly improve their language abilities. We offer in-house English courses to ensure their  technical communication are kept up to date with their respective industry.




    Soft Skills Training


    Our soft skills training provides employees the opportunity to develop their soft skills. Some of the topic in our soft skills training are: Assertiveness Training, Business Networking Skills, Communication Skills Training, Conflict Management Training, Personal Impact Training, Stress Management Training, Telephone Techniques and Work-Life Balance.




    Technical Training


    Our technical training provides ample opportunities for employees to participate in training programs and courses that will keep them abreast of the latest developments in advanced technologies.




    Client Specific Training


    Joining a dedicated foreign client's offshore team allows staff to gain valuable international knowledge of their industry and discipline. Staff are able to develop their knowledge and skills to an international standard. Learning various types of software and workflow will expand employees working abilities. This will enable offshore staff to work for large foreign companies based in USA, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Canada and many more, without having to actually leave their home country!


    In many cases foreign clients will come over to train their offshore staff and in some cases require offshore staff to visit their headquarters overseas for training.