Small & Medium Enterprises

Small and medium businesses can gain substantial benefits from offshoring – and it is they who have much to gain, due to the proportion of total employee costs that can be saved with just one or two offshore employees joining their team.



This segment is characteristic with the constant and often frantic activity carrying out the important aspects of their business, usually working long and tireless hours. The owner operator and/or manager often multi-task to the extreme. These persons can become “one-man-shows” with the carrying out of multiple tasks.



Many small businesses have a belief that they simply cannot afford additional employees. Small business owners can have far too little time available to devote to the process of finding, interviewing and engaging new staff. But Offshore Staffing can achieve significant results:



  • Cost savings. As the small business segment needs to be especially conscious of every dollar of expense, they will see significant benefit from the cost savings by offshoring staff. A qualified and experienced offshore employee can be engaged with savings in the region of 70% of the typical locally hired employee. In addition, the set-up costs are little or nil and on-costs greatly reduced.


  • An Easy Hiring Process. As we source, screen, interview, test, short list and assist you in the hiring process, your time and expenses are minimised. Once we endorse the most qualified and experienced candidates to you, your task of interviewing becomes streamlined and efficient.


  • Low Capital Costs. Small businesses must be careful to avoid high or excessive capital expenses whenever possible. Offshoring achieves this – with cost of office space and infrastructure being minimal.


  • Low Risk. Offshoring avoids long term commitments and so risk is minimised.


Offshore Staffing has massive benefits to the small business segment. By engaging even one or two new employees the major benefits are immediate. A small business can successfully grow to a medium business – a medium business to a large one.


Our engagement solutions for small to medium businesses are:





















These offer very real solutions to the very real challenges facing the small to medium business sectors.