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Entrepreneurs and Freelancers are the foundation of most economies. Sadly, this segment is usually working the hardest for the longest hours on the myriad of tasks and assignments that must be undertaken to continue business.


The old saying, “You cannot afford an assistant until you have an assistant” is very real and very true.


What prevents many entrepreneurs and freelancers from hiring an assistant or additional employee are time and a perception that they cannot afford it. So they work harder, longer and become more stressed in their business life. Unfortunately, these anxieties often spill over to their private lives. It’s a vicious, yet common cycle.


Offshore Staffing solves the deterrents that prevent entrepreneurs and freelancers from liberating themselves of the regular and routine tasks that have a strangle-hold on their lives. It also allows this sector to expand and multiply their profits. Significantly, Offshore Staffing is often the single most important item to give them a vital competitive edge in their business.


For entrepreneurs and freelancers with a desire for their business to grow, yet spend less of their own time doing so, staff leasing is an ideal solution.


Our engagement model that is a solution for entrepreneurs and freelancers is:




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