Company Overview


We are industry leaders


RemoteResources provides solid business solutions to clients all over the world. We specialise in the set-up, hosting and ongoing management of offshore staff and operations. We are able to service clients in all industries and of all business sizes, small to large. By providing offshore staffing solutions, RemoteResources clients are able to:


  • Become more agile;
  • Increase capacity & production;
  • Gain greater access to specialised staff;
  • Reduce staffing costs by up to 70%;
  • Have existing employees focus more efficiently on core business needs;
  • Better deliver and exceed the expectations of their own clients;
  • Further develop the success of their employees and management;
  • Expand their international presence;
  • Provide additional benefits for existing employees;
  • Increase profits.




We are inspired


Our passion is to have positive collaborative partnerships with our clients. We love to see results that allow clients to improve their profitability by RemoteResources providing offshore solutions for their staffing requirements.


RemoteResources is able to provide services in all industries for companies of all sizes, small, medium and large. Whatever your staffing needs, we can help to find a solution.




Engagement Models:








































We establish only partnering relationships


Our client focused management team form healthy long term relationships with our clients. We examine the specific needs of our clients and prospective clients to develop solutions that enable increases in productivity whilst reducing staffing costs.


By utilising offshore teams, our clients’ existing local staff and management are able to focus additional productive time on the core values of their business. This includes client service, training, planning, marketing, critical thinking, specialised work and more. All of this whilst saving on staff costs. This is a true win-win situation with no down-side.
































We enable global access


RemoteResources gives clients access to highly skilled working professionals from around the globe. Whilst being immersed in a client’s offshore team, employees can engage their skilled profession in an international landscape, enabling them to grow and reach their full potential!