About us

RemoteResources is an offshore staffing provider specialised in setting up, hosting and managing offshore staff and operations for clients from all over the world.  We are a multinational company with offices throughout Australia and Asia.


Our expertise and experience resonates from our unique ability to create and develop offshore operations for clients in every industry and of all sizes. We facilitate foreign companies in gaining all of the benefits that Offshore Staffing has to offer.


RemoteResources is able to become a strong partner for all businesses. With several different engagement models and transparent pricing formulas, our core business goal is to provide clients with the best possible staff for their offshore team. Thus, we do not to profit from charging the highest price from the least expensed amount.


We strive to partner with clients to meet and exceed their ongoing expectations. We build strong relationships between offshore staff and clients, ensuring the successful longevity of client offshore operations.


Clients offshoring their workflow processes are able to: become more agile and flexible; increase capacity and production; gain greater access to specialised staff; decrease costs by around 70% – whilst at the same time expanding their international presence!