Frequently Asked Questions

RemoteResources likes to inform clients, potential clients, current staff and future staff on all of the frequently asked questions that come up. Alternatively, if you need to know more or would like to get in contact with a RemoteResources representative, please click here to contact us.


 Questions about RemoteResources:

What do we do?

RemoteResources is an Offshore Staffing Provider which specialises in recruiting, training, hosting, setting up and managing offshore staff for foreign companies of all sizes and in all industries.


We are driven to assist our clients to grow their business by providing a unique ability to have access to motivated, disciplined and experienced offshore staff.

What makes us different?

As a performance leader, RemoteResources has a strong dedication to provide operational excellence and industry leading customer satisfaction, all whilst ensuring we consistently meet our client’s ongoing expectations.


We only establish partnering-relationships, aiming to consistently deliver the best possible solutions to our clients. We specifically customise client operations to their individual needs and requirements. We specialise in ensuring all aspects of client offshore operations are managed effectively in a secure and monitored environment.


We recognise the significant competitive advantage to which offshoring brings to our clients in their own home marketplace and endeavour to use our experienced knowledge in order to assist them to gain the maximum competitive benefits available.


What is good for our clients is good for us and is good for our communities. It is a strong tri-partied interrelationship that ensures a winning result for all with no downside.

What are the benefits?

Offshore staffing provides significant benefits to our clients. These include:


  • Greater access to specialised staff;
  • Reduced staffing costs by around 70%;
  • Current on-shore staff are able to develop further and faster;
  • Increased capacity and productivity;
  • Agility and flexibility.



Along with the main benefits above, each and every individual client discovers their own true benefits that offshore staffing brings to their business.

Where are we located?

Our offices are in Vietnam, Singapore and Australia. For addresses and contact details, see our Locations here


Questions about Offshore Staffing:

How does it work?

The premise is very simple.


RemoteResources has created a platform for businesses of all sizes and industries to hire and effectively manage offshore staff. It is just like hiring locally, however they are hosted and supported in our offices and work remotely.

How long is the set up?

Although there are a number of variables that may affect the speed in which your new offshore employee or team takes to finalise and have in place, however 2 to 6 weeks is a realistic timeline.


If your need is urgent, we will do everything in our power to expedite the process.

Does offshoring decrease on-shore staffing numbers?

In the modern market, creating and maintaining a competitive advantage will create a positive environment for profitable business.


This will allow for business growth within an organisation, inevitably leading to job creation both locally and offshore.


As discussed in the “What are the benefits” subject above, many businesses find that an ability to allocate many regular and routine tasks to the offshore employees allows existing staff to have excess time available. This time can then be put to use by these existing staff to take on more complex or creative tasks. Perhaps some of your own management tasks can be taken over by your existing staff, as they are uplifted in their career and specialties.


All of this will allow your business to develop in a modern market, ensuring sustainable growth.


How about the job descriptions?

Just like when you hire locally, a clear and concise Job Description is an important part of the process. To assist you, we have a easy to use template in our Staff Finder area, here.


The more clear and concise your Job Description is, the easier the process of locating and hiring the best person for the job will be. The aim is to locate the highest quality staff for the positions you wish to fill.

Who undertakes the training of the offshore staff?

Just as if you were to hire locally, any new-hire employee is ultimately trained by you and your training unit. The better you train your staff and the more effort you put into the first few months of employing offshore staff, will essentially determine their growth.


RemoteResources is able to support your training regime and facilitate several external training providers to engage with your offshore staff. Just let us know your particular needs and we will do our best to facilitate the solutions. However, to ensure professional development of your offshore staff, RemoteResources will provide in-house English language lessons, soft skill training and international business knowledge seminars.


One of the best ways to integrate your offshore staff into your local operations is to travel to our offices and initiate your own training program. This is a great way to meet your offshore staff and get a feel for how both ends will work together. It may give you or your senior staff an ability to combine work with a well earned rest and recuperation time as well.


What about security and confidentiality?

As security is an ever-important aspect of all businesses, we concentrate on all aspects of providing the security needs that you would expect from employees you hire locally.


We will assist you in any way possible to ensure the security needs of your company are met and exceeded. Please see below in the "Questions about Security & Confidentiality" section for more information.


Questions about Our Pricing & Invoicing:

What is transparent pricing?

Transparent pricing describes the situation where the seller and the buyer know the price, thus no intermediary is involved. As such, it benefits both parties by giving protection from unfair or unexpected pricing and any potential questionable elements in a transaction.


Transparent Pricing is a very fair way to charge for, or pay for an item or service as there are no surprises for the buyer - and the seller knows exactly what and how to charge for his goods or services.


For a service such as offshoring, a Transparent Pricing practice simplifies the process for all parties. A business who is considering working with an offshore employee can be sure that there will be no surprises, as all elements of the transaction are known and can be planned and budgeted for with accuracy.


The pricing transparency will be made up from a combination of the following items:


  • Direct Personnel Costs
  • Infrastructure Costs
  • Management Fees
  • Service Fees 
  • Administration Fees
What are direct employee costs?

Clients who engage in offshore staff through RemoteResources will pay for all the direct employee costs of their offshore staff.


Direct employee costs include: base salary, taxes, on-costs and employment benefits for offshore employees.


All of these costs are openly shared with the client to ensure transparency and that there is no conflict-of-interest between RemoteResources and clients.

What makes up the management fee?

Clients who engage our Staff Leasing services through our Remote Staffing engagement model, are charged a management fee.


The Management fee is charged to cover the assets and services provided by RemoteResources. These could include office space, furniture, hardware, software, connectivity, peripherals and tools, operations management, recruitment, human resources management, IT consultancy, technical support, finance and accounting, premises management, client assist services, and legal support.

What are infrastructure costs?

Clients who set up their own customised offshore operation such as Remote Managed Office, Build Operate Transfer or Joint Venture will have their own dedicated Infrastructure costs.


These costs will generally cover the following dedicated items for clients: office infrastructure; tools and equipment; workstation hardware; client dedicated software; servers and networking; connectivity and telecommunications; and other associated items.

What are the service fees?

Clients who set up their own customised offshore operation such as Remote Managed OfficeBuild Operate Transfer or Joint Venture may need some, or all the support services offered by RemoteResources.


These services may include: operational management; IT consultancy; technical support; talent acquisition; human resources management; finance and accounting; legal support; premises management; security; and our client assist services.

What are the administration fees?

Clients who have partnered with RemoteResources in a Joint Venture will incur Administration Fees.


These fees are the costs for managing the joint venture corporate entity. A Joint Venture will usually be managed together with a third party legal and accounting firm in our location.


Questions about Security & Confidentiality:

What about protection of intellectual property?

Every RemoteResources' employee and client offshore staff are fully bound by Confidentiality Agreements. These agreements ensure all information of the client's work, company, client and business information are kept strictly confidential. Whenever necessary, we will enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement.


These agreements remain in effect even after termination of staff and operations.

Are background checks done on offshore staff?

Yes, as a part of the pre-selection process, background checks are done on all staff. This includes verification of their previous employment and qualifications, reference checks, together with police and health checks. All potential employees are fully screened.

What about data security through the networking and connectivity?

We will provide all offshore staff with redundant, high-speed internet connectivity. Our network has been designed to Cisco standards and is fully redundant, with a host of security measures in place to protect data security.

How about office and premises security?

All our facilities are guarded 24/7 by security guards and we also fully monitor our premises using CCTV cameras and network-controlled access devices.