Kumho Asiana Plaza

39 Le Duan, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam

Soaring through the sky in a dazzling display of steel and glass, Kumho Asiana Plaza Saigon takes life and work in Saigon to new heights of sophistication. Located in the heart of District 1, this exclusive development brings together an intelligent Grade A office building, hotel, apartments and luxury retail to serve the needs of Saigon's most demanding consumers. It boasts prime views of the city, be it from a tastefully appointed apartment, hotel room or high tech office suite.


With easy access and within walking distance to Saigon's downtown tourist landmarks such as the Notre Dame Cathedral, the legendary Saigon Post Office and shopping malls, Kumho Asiana Plaza Saigon is the ultimate lifestyle residential and commercial development for fast-paced and style-savvy individuals. All of this is brought to life with world class construction and design..


Kumho Asiana Plaza is the head office of RemoteResources in Vietnam. It also acts as our recruitment hub, sourcing and screening candidates for our clients.

IMV Tower

87 Hoang Van Thai, Phu My Hung, HCMC, Vietnam

IMV Tower in the center of Phu My Hung, the modern New City Center of Saigon. Through its 20 years of development this modern city, developed within the environmental framework, offers a unique identity and attractiveness to Saigon.


The existing greenery boasts parks, reserves, a golf course, entertainment amenities, shopping malls and many restaurants and cafes.The existing waterways form a system of “green fingers” between the developed sites. These provide a relief to the density of urban development. That is one of the most outstanding features that helps Phu My Hung stand out from the rest of the city.


IMV tower holds a number of operational offices for RemoteResources and its clients.